About Us

Ann married Alan Fain (who was from Brookline, MA) and they raised their family in Weston, MA. Our home was always the 'holiday house', the center for many meals, gatherings, & holidays. Not surprising, dropping by or popping in unannounced was encouraged! Quicksilver Baking Company honors our mom (and family) showcasing family photos on our packaging spanning 40 years (1930 - 1970), and features one of our mom's favorite and special recipes.... Her rugelach!!!

Rugelach is a Jewish dessert made with a dairy based dough, and traditionally filled with sweet flavors. Our sweet recipe has been handed down thru four generations of Zimmon/Silver Women, but our savory flavors are our own invention! We learned the recipe and how to bake RUGELACH from our mom, who learned it from her mother, our Nana Sadie (shown in photos), and our Nana learned how to make RUGEALCH from her mother…. our Great-Grandmother! We have taken this family tradition and have applied a special technique to the dough which makes our rugelach head and shoulders above all others! As ours bakes, it rises, and produces gorgeous flakey layers and mimics a puffed pastry. Quicksilver Baking Company is honored to serve you our family's sweet rugelach recipe! We are also thrilled to introduce our innovative creation - A Savory Twist on an Old World Favorite SAVORY RUGELACH!! As this recipe has been handed down thru the women in our family, Quicksilver Baking Company is also so very proud to be CERTIFIED in Massachusetts as a WOMAN OWNED BUSINESS! We know this would make our ancestors over joyed!!

All of our products are sold unbaked and frozen so that you can bake them at home and serve them fresh and hot as they were meant to be! We hope you enjoy it as much as our family does! Drop us a line and let us know what you think!